Here Is How To Beat The Ridiculously Difficult Marauders In Doom Eternal Without Breaking A Sweat

Here Is How To Beat The Ridiculously Difficult Marauders In Doom Eternal Without Breaking A Sweat
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Every game has its ultimate baddies, and Doom Eternal is no exception. Within the realm of this game’s universe, there is a special class of big bad guy known only as “the Marauder,” and they sure do pack one heck of a wallop. For this reason, and this reason alone, many players have been asking themselves how best to defeat this ultimate big bad guy. Well, super fans, there is one sure-fire way to get out there and take them down.

In fact, if anyone was going to say anything about the Marauders as a class of bad guys, it would be this: They are essentially the boss battles of the Doom Eternal universe. And if we know anything about bad guys, it is that they can be notoriously difficult to kill in any single instance. Ever since the days of yore, when we would all sit around the PC or N64 or original PlayStation, we would all have to hunt down little walkthroughs or Prima Strategy Guides to give us the tips to win through. Keep reading to find out how to do exactly that for the Marauders.

The first time the playable character experiences the Marauder is during the in-game campaign. The name of the mission is known as Arc Complex, and towards the end of the level you find yourself playing, there will be a very ominous looking big old room. That means a boss fight, ladies and gentlemen.

This Marauder jumps through a portal, slanders the good name of the player, and then proceeds to do some heavy damage while blocking the attacks of the player with a wildly powerful shield. This bad boy calls you and your mother a phony and levies all kinds of attacks to try to bring you and your fantasies of absolute victory crashing down into the ground. So get ready to take it to him.

Actually, the key to victory here couldn’t be any simpler for those superfans out there. You need to maintain a certain amount of distance between yourself and the Marauder. If you are too far, then you will get hit with his intense long-range attack. But too close and you’re toast.

Maintain a distance somewhere in the middle to get the Marauder to lunge forward with its melee attack. The Marauder’s eyes will flash and then it’s coming. Hit it with the shotgun a bunch and the bad boy will stop, then swoop in and finish the beast off to win the day.