Here Are All The Games Coming To Xbox One This Week, October 21, WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum Edition

Here Are All The Games Coming To Xbox One This Week, October 21, WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum Edition
Credit: Polygon

Microsoft has revealed all the games that are coming to Xbox this week. In total, 15 new games will be available to all Xbox One users in the US. The games will be released from tomorrow, Monday, October 21, to Friday, October 25.

It will be an exciting week that will see the coming of the much-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and 2K Sports’ wrestling simulator, WWE 2K20. Below is the full list of the games and some of the highlights.

October 21

On Monday, only one game will be released on Xbox One.

– Eastshade

Highlights: Xbox One fans will lay their hands on Eastshade, which was released on PC in February 2019. Eastshade is a first-person open-world exploration game where players assume the role of a traveling painter. Use your artist’s easel to capture the world. Discover mysteries and hack the secrets of the land.

October 22

Tuesday, four games will be released; choose either to farm or step into the ring.

– Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum Edition

– Street Outlaws: The List

– WWE 2K20

– PBA Pro Bowling

Highlights: WWE 2K20 is the highlight of the day. This is a wrestling simulator game, the latest in the WWE 2K franchise. The game brings on board streamlined controls, fluid gameplay, and stunning graphics.

Farming Simulator 19 fans will also be treated to the game’s Platinum Edition, which tags along with CLAAS vehicles and tools, adding much fun, and thrill to this GIANTS Software’s blockbuster.

October 23

Wednesday, five games are coming.

– Lornswood Winter Chronicle

– Deep Space Rush

– Door Kickers: Action Squad

– Lonely Mountains: Downhill

– Caretaker Game

Highlights: Caretaker Game is a first-person horror game. Players take up the role of an investigative journalist who is hungry for some truth about the Caretaker. But the Caretaker is hungry for something else…blood!

October 24

Thursday, two games will be released.

– Pixel Gladiator

– Cat Quest II

October 25

Friday, three games are lined up for release.

– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

– The Outer Worlds

– Let’s Sing Country

Highlights: Infinity Ward will finally be releasing the hyped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If you are bored with the world war one and world war two era soldiers, brace up for some modern action. Modern Warfare, as the name suggests, is set in 2011 and features modern conflicts.

And it’s not just Microsoft that has revealed the games coming next week. Sony has also announced the games coming to PlayStation next week – a total of 23 games will be releasing. As for Nintendo, the number of confirmed games is 28, for the Nintendo Switch.

Also, remember to play the games that have been recently added to Xbox Game Pass, including Dishonored 2, Yooka Laylee, and World War Z.