Here Are All The Games Coming To PlayStation This Week, October 21, WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, MediEvil

Here Are All The Games Coming To PlayStation This Week, October 21, WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, MediEvil
Credit: The Verge

Sony has confirmed all the games that will be coming to its PlayStation platforms (PlayStation4, PS Vita, and PS VR) this week. A total of 23 games will be available for players in the US. The new games will start dropping from tomorrow, October 21, up to Friday, October 25.

This week will be a fantastic one for all gaming enthusiasts, especially the action fans. Finally, the much-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be hitting the stores and also, wrestling fans can get into the ring in this year’s WWE 2K20. Here is the full list of games, including some of the highlights.

October 21
Only one game will be dropping tomorrow.
– Minotaur Arcade Vol. (PS VR, PS4) — Digital

October 22
Ten games are lined up for release on Tuesday
– Beholder 2 (PS4) — Digital
– Deep Space Adventure (PS4, PS Vita) — Digital (Cross-Buy)
– Bonfire (PS VR) — Digital
– Eastshade (PS4) — Digital
– The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) — Digital, Retail
– Horror Stories (PS4) — Digital
– PBA Pro Bowling (PS4) — Digital
– Raging Loop (PS4) — Digital
– WWE 2K20 (PS4) — Digital, Retail
– Street Outlaws: The List (PS4) — Digital, Retail

Highlights: On Tuesday, fans of the WWE 2K franchise will step into the future of wrestling, WWE 2K20, which features several gameplay improvements, streamlined controls, among others.

October 23
Wednesday, four games will be joining PlayStation.
– Battle Planet – Judgement Day (PS4) — Digital
– Lornsword Winter Chronicle (PS4) — Digital
– Lonely Mountains: Downhill (PS4) — Digital
– Yoga Master (PS4) — Digital

October 24
Thursday is the big day, with four titles set for release, including one AAA title.
– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PS4) — Digital, Retail
– Dark Devotion (PS4) — Digital
– Cat Quest II (PS4) — Digital
– Door Kickers: Action Squad0 (PS4) — Digital
Highlights: Developed by Infinity Ward, the first-person shooter blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be releasing. Unlike the previous editions, this one is set in a modern world, in 2011, and features conflicts between present-day nations and the modern U.S. Force Reconnaissance Marines and British SAS commandos.

October 25
Lastly, on Friday, four games will be released.
– MediEvil (PS4) — Digital, Retail
– Robox (PS4) — Digital
– The Outer Worlds (PS4) — Digital, Retail
– Let’s Sing Country (PS4) — Digital, Retail
Highlights: MediEvil is an action-adventure hack and slash game where players assume the character of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a dead knight who is resurrected by his deadliest enemy; Zarok, the evil sorcerer. Will he save the kingdom of Gallowmere, given the second chance?

These are the games that are coming to PlayStation this week. Microsoft and Nintendo have also announced the games coming to Xbox One and Nintendo as well.