Halo: Combat Evolved Flights Keys Are Being Distributed Via Email, Already Looks Far Better Than Reach

Halo: Combat Evolved Flights Keys Are Being Distributed Via Email, Already Looks Far Better Than Reach
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Fuzzy math works surprisingly well when used for game developers and upcoming titles; the flighting of Halo: Combat Evolved has arrived right on time, and many users have already received keys granting them access to the flighting.  Bear in mind that in terms of game development, flighting isn’t a release; it’s more of a closed beta where they can iron out kinks that are still present.  Still, with the flighting bringing only four missions from Halo: CE and multiplayer, many are reporting that it’s far better than what Halo: Reach looked like on launch.

This is the fourth flight thus far for Halo: Combat Evolved, and it’s shaping up very well to expectations.  Players can now easily get above 60 frames per second, with none of the headaches involved in jumping through hoops and wonky physics resulting.

The sound issues that were omnipresent in Reach now appear to have been solved, making the audio nice and crisp.  Granted, Reach didn’t have the best audio on Xbox either, along with Halo 3, so perhaps some could argue that the audio issues are simply a faithful reproduction.

You can now crouch while moving, as well.  That deserves it’s own paragraph, as the crouching in Reach was…less dynamic than hoped for.  343 stated that it is a replica of the title on release, and fixing it would need a couple of rewrites that might not play well with everything, so continue to hold out hope if Reach is your de facto Halo experience.

Halo: Combat Evolved was already on the PC, so many are presuming that this makes the port a bit easier than others within the Halo Master Chief Collection.

You can join into the program that allows you to possibly be selected for future titles of the Halo Master Chief Collection, along with other titles that include the Halo universe by heading over to the Halo Waypoint website and opting to be a Halo Insider.  Being a Halo Insider opts you into the pool of receiving in-progress titles for you to offer feedback directly to the studio.

It’s a fun way to get involved with the iconic franchise, and it’s worth bearing in mind that many studios actively seek players that are willing to test in-progress versions of their upcoming titles so you can offer feedback.  The more fluent your writing and technical competence, the likelier you are to receive exclusive access to builds.

For fans of the Halo universe, however, today can be a simple celebration.  Halo: Combat Evolved is coming, and it looks beautiful.