H1Z1 Remains The No. 1 Battle Royale Game; Several Reasons For This Cited

H1Z1 Remains The No. 1 Battle Royale Game; Several Reasons For This Cited
Credit: H1Z1 via YouTube

There is a bunch of battle royale titles available in the market at present. However, H1Z1, which is now known as Z1 Battle Royale, has remained as the best in this genre.

Epic Games has Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment has Apex Legends, and PUBG Corporation has PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). And there are still more that can be added to this list.

Back in January 2015, the battle royale series from Daybreak Game Corporation was launched on Steam. A year after, two different modes were born out of the original H1Z1. The King of the Kill and Just Survive captured their respective audience.

With its gameplay, famous streamer Dr. Disrespect named it as the best battle royale game, so far.

The streamer is said to have gained his popularity through the game. In fact, it was responsible for making his number of Twitch followers grow, according to Dexerto. This scenario does not necessarily influence, though, his opinion about the game.

It is worth noting that Dr Disrespect cited several points why he said so. These include the vehicle use, proximity chat, in-game situation’s intensity and the feeling he gets with the game’s gun.

He pointed out that H1Z1 is “far better” than the others. Nevertheless, he said that this was when the game was “in its prime.”

Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect ranked PUBG as second best battle royale title and Apex Legends as third.

In the meantime, Engadget reported that the game was “left behind” by its competitors, especially last year. There are major indicators of this. Part of these is the decreasing number of players, as well as the lack of interest for the H1Z1 Pro League. The latter’s first season was not even finished.

As an attempt to revive its popularity and gain interest anew, the game has been rebranded. It has been introduced as Z1 Battle Royale.

Considering this move, the game’s user interface has been overhauled. Among the tweaks and updates that have been made are the following:

● The kill feed and menu system have been updated
● Updates have been made as well in terms of movements
● Updates specifically for animations, lighting, loot distribution, weapon mechanics, vehicles and textures have been done, too
● A missions system has been introduced. This allows players to complete tasks that they prefer to try while playing the game. Once they succeed, they can enjoy credits as a reward
● Fragments or crates of the dead rival can be collected in-game

What do you think of these latest H1Z1 updates? What can you say about its new name?

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