Gun Game Limited-Time Mode Launched And Removed From Call Of Duty: Mobile Within Hours After Numerous Issues

Gun Game Limited-Time Mode Launched And Removed From Call Of Duty: Mobile Within Hours After Numerous Issues
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

Sometimes a limited-time mode lasts for a few weeks, and sometimes for a couple of hours.
Gun Game was not ready to be released and Call of Duty: Mobile developers found that out the hard way.

Gun Game Issues – Please Report Here from CallOfDutyMobile

Gun Game is a super popular game mode and has been a part of the Call of Duty franchise for years. This game mode is simple, every player starts with a knife, and each kill they get will upgrade their weapon to something new.

Gamers will work their way up the tiers of weapons until they reach the last one, and if they get a kill with that one, they win the game.

It’s a free-for-all match and usually takes place on a small to medium-sized map like Crash, so the game mode goes by quickly. Call of Duty: Mobile has featured Gun Game as a limited-time mode before, but this time, things didn’t go that smoothly.

Gun Game was released on December 6th and was subsequently taken down hours later. The mode was an absolute headache for gamers to play and enjoy. Multiple problems plagued the limited-time mode since it launched, including:

• Weapons were not progressing after a kill. Even if a player knifed or shot somebody else, they would be stuck with that weapon. This was an annoying issue for a lot of people because they would progress faster than another person in the game, but the other one ended up winning because they didn’t have the same issue
• At the end of the match, gamers didn’t receive the XP they earned.
• Glitches plagued players, including a bug that made the operator continually attack with their knife.
• The game was freezing and crashing on both iOS and Android versions.
• Other in-game issues disrupted gameplay like not being able to use a weapon and respawning with half the ammo.

Via the Reddit post embedded in this blog, players were able to give Gun Game feedback to Activision. Gamers told developers what the error was, what weapon they were using at the time of the bug, what device they were using, and their IUD.

There were mass amounts of issues that were reported, and since it wasn’t just one central problem with the mode, Activision took Gun Game down entirely.

Who knows how long it will take for the developers to fix all the problems with Gun Game and relaunch it? Since there were a plethora of issues, it may take a while for gamers to get another chance to enjoy this classic mode.