God Of War Director Cory Barlog Would “Love” To See His Game On PC In The Future

God Of War Director Cory Barlog Would “Love” To See His Game On PC In The Future
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

The 2018 smash hit God of War wore many hats.

It was a direct sequel to the original God of Wars games. It was a total reboot of the franchise, establishing a new status quo and an all-new characterization for the main protagonist and anti-hero, Kratos. It was also a jumping-on point for new fans of the franchise.

The game was so good that it’s almost a shame that it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive. PC gamers or individuals who only have an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch don’t get to experience the deep story, the smash and crash gameplay, and the tender characterization between an immortal father and son.

Game director Cory Barlog echoed these sentiments recently in a tweet when he was asked about the possibility of God of War coming to PC in the future.

A Twitter user reached out to Barlog, saying, “Time for God of War to be playable native on PC sir.”

Barlog responded, “You know, I would love that. It is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade.”

So, while the man behind the revitalization of one of gaming’s most classic characters would apparently jump at the chance to bring his creation to PC screens, it seems as though that was more of a pipe dream and less of an actual announcement.

The bit about the decision being above Barlog’s pay grade was clearly meant to reference Sony executives who would have to relinquish their complete control over the fate of Kratos for the title to ever be playable on another platform.

Since God of War’s inception, the franchise has always been a Sony staple, finding a home exclusively on PlayStation consoles, dating back to the PlayStation 2.

While a move like this would be unprecedented in the gaming world, it would undoubtedly mean a lot for Barlog on a personal level. His history with the God of War franchise dates back to the very beginning, with his work starting with the original God of War and God of War 2. Barlog took a long break from the franchise, returning to helm the most recent installment, completely reinventing his own creation for a modern audience.

The original God of War games were straightforward beat ’em up slash fests, wherein Kratos was a one-dimensional angry character hell-bent on revenge against the Greek pantheon of gods. The 2018 reboot abandons the Greek setting altogether, finding Kratos in the realms of Norse mythology, where he is raising a young son who is also a God.

God of War released on the PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018. Barlog’s journey to bring the franchise back from the brink was covered extensively in the 2019 “making of” YouTube documentary Raising Kratos.