Genshin Impact Is Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Year, A Entirely New Open-World Adventure To Explore

Genshin Impact Is Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Year, A Entirely New Open-World Adventure To Explore
Credit: miHoyo Technology

Genshin Impact looks to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title that will be releasing in the fall of 2020. It is a massive open world with an anime feel that is sure to attract RPG fans new and old. The game is already beautiful, and the screenshots being shared give a taste of the massive world yet to be explored.

The fantasy feel, and strong narrative will help this game grow. Discord and Reddit communities are already being formed to talk and discuss this game before it even comes out. This is one of the more surprising announcements this year bringing even more great games to 2020.

You play as a character known as “The Traveler” and awaken from a long sleep. You are on a shore alone and have lost connection with your sibling. You have little knowledge of the land and must explore in hopes of being reunited with your sibling. This goal draws your forward as you bravely go to explore the world.

The world is called Teyvat, and it is filled with secrets and surprises just waiting to be found. The game has a freeform movement and fast travel system allowing you to travel as you please and discover the numerous encampments, dungeons, and treasures throughout the game.

The developers urge players not to rush the experience and take the time to enjoy the beauty they are surrounded by. The world features seven city-states, each with their exotic aesthetics and architectural style. This only furthers the level of enjoyment to be found within the discovery of this new world.

The game includes a natural element interaction system that is used in puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration. Each character has control of one of seven natural elements that allow them to showcase unique elemental attacks. Outside of combat if you notice a problem that can be solved through effective interaction, you can use this same power to overcome any obstacle you encounter.

As you explore the world, you will meet new adversaries and stronger challenges. Genshin Impact offers up to 30 distinct characters, each with their unique personalities, appearances, combat styles, and elemental skills. You can customize your team of up to four members and swap out characters as needed to meet your personal preference.

Although you could play alone, the option to invite your friends into your world is offered. The game is full of battles and vast maps for you and your friends to explore together if you wish. The developers stress that this unique world is 100% yours and therefore, multiplayer is an optional experience.

The game is set to launch for PlayStation 4 in 2020 and will have a ton of new experience to find and enjoy. It is your call to how you handle the world of Teyvat and what kind of experience you will have among its mythical landscapes.