Gears 5 Is The Most Played Game Right Now On Xbox Live, Dethrones Fortnite Which Has Been On The #1 Spot Since Summer 2018

Gears 5 Is The Most Played Game Right Now On Xbox Live, Dethrones Fortnite Which Has Been On The #1 Spot Since Summer 2018
Credit: VG247

Coalition’s new release Gears Of War 5, aka Gears 5 is taking the industry by storm, just five days after its grand release. This latest installment in the Gears of War series is the most played game currently on Xbox Live. This is in the US and UK, and the same could be replicated even in Australia and the rest of the world.

In a sudden turn of events, the third-person shooter has dethroned Fortnite which has been the most played game on the Microsoft service since the 2018 summer. This is such a great fete for the publisher, Microsoft Xbox Game Studios considering the likes of COD: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon 4 didn’t displace the Epic Games Battle Royale game from the number one spot.

Well, one of the reasons for the sudden popularity of Gears 5 is the fact that Microsoft added it to the list of games available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers – both on Xbox and PC.

The sequel to Gears Of War 4 has been available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members since September 6. On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass subscribers laid their hands of Gears Of War 5 when it released on September 10.

Besides the Game Pass access, Gears 5 is the best console exclusive ever. It boasts stunning graphics, and the publisher, The Coalition, delivered on their promise of not limiting Gears 5 to 30fps – the third-person shooter supports up to 60 frames per second.

Second in the list is Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale blockbuster. Ever since it was released, Fortnite has held the number one spot of the most played games on Xbox both in the US and UK. Fortnite is on Xbox as a free game, and that adds to its popularity. While it may have been outshined by Gears 5, that is not to say the new Gears Of War game will have a larger fan base than Fortnite.

At number three is GTA V, the epic from Rockstar Studios. In the US, it costs $30, and despite being around for around five years, the award-winning action-adventure is still a fan favorite.

At number four in the US is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and closing the list is Apex Legends. Things are quite different in the UK with EA Sports’ FIFA19 coming in at fourth in the list of the most played games on Xbox Live. Closing the top five list in the UK is Minecraft.