Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Halloween-Themed Event Starting Next Month Called Bloody Harvest

Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Halloween-Themed Event Starting Next Month Called Bloody Harvest
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Borderlands 3 has been out for over a week now. Everyone seems to be in agreement that this latest installment is one of the best ones to date. The new vault hunters have an amazing array of skills to take down the baddies. The guns are just as spectacular, which is not a surprise.

It is pretty early, but Gearbox is already looking to roll out themed events. It seems like they want to give gamers every bang for their buck, which is great to see. As of next month, Borderlands 3 users will be able to enjoy Bloody Harvest, an appropriately titled event considering Halloween is next month.

According to developers, this is one of several free events coming out for the game this year. The event is including a new map, enemies, and of course, loot. As far as the map, everyone who’s departed from Pandora in the main campaign will have access to it. There will be ghostly enemies who chase after you. After you kill them, their entities will still pursue you. It’s an interesting take that we have yet to see in a Borderlands game.

If you get touched by one of these ghostly enemies, your gun attributes will be negatively affected. For example, your guns will shoot slower and won’t have that great of spread. Thus, you’ll want to keep your distance for as long as you can. To access Bloody Harvest, players will have to find a mysterious substance called Hecktoplasm. Thus, there is a bit of a scavenger hunt that players can enjoy before being treated to these Halloween-themed elements.

Once you do finally make it to this new map, you’ll have the chance to go toe to toe with the Rakk-O’Lanters and Captain Haunt. If you defeat them, you’ll gain access to all sorts of incredible loot. There are new skins, guns, and even shields to pick up with a successful battle.

Bloody Harvest seems like the perfect way to ring in Halloween. It’s pretty crazy to think that this game is already receiving a themed event. Almost everyone is still enjoying the main story and side quests. Gearbox is keen on providing gamers with ample content, which has always been a great aspect of their games.

If you’re up for some spooky fun and already own a copy of Borderlands 3, this upcoming themed event is worth checking out. Just make sure you’re ready for some scares.