Free-To-Play Demo For MyPlayer Mode In NBA 2K20 Available Now On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Free-To-Play Demo For MyPlayer Mode In NBA 2K20 Available Now On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One
Credit: 2K Sports via YouTube

A free-to-play demo for the MyPlayer mode in NBA 2K20 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in-terms of badges and archetypes, it’s the most diverse creation suite in franchise history. On top of that, the ability to choose which badges fit your playstyle and adjust them on the fly will help players create the character they truly want, as opposed to being forced to settle on certain archetypes in badges, which was the case in previous NBA 2K games.

The demo is a bit unusual, as it lets players completely dig into almost everything the MyPlayer creation suite will have to offer in the full game. Of course, the developers have promised to add more features and cosmetic details such as more hairstyles and beards when the full game is released next month.

As for the actual gameplay, well, it’s quite simple, as you’ll play just one game — an NBA finals rematch between the Golden State Warriors and the defending NBA champs the Toronto Raptors. Before the game, you’ll manually select the overall rating that you want to test out on your custom player, so if you want to see how your player feels with a 99 overall rating, you’ll be allowed to do so.

Depending on how you choose to enjoy NBA 2K each year, the quarters of the only game you’ll be able to play aren’t very lengthy, as they’re set at six minutes. On top of that, there isn’t a difficulty setting, which is probably the only downside to the demo.

In previous years, the MyPlayer demo has allowed players to create just one character, and unlike in this year’s game, you wouldn’t be allowed to adjust your overall rating before hitting the court. But, in the 2K20 demo, players will be allowed to create multiple characters, allowing them to figure out which build suits them best.

Like in other years, NBA 2K20 will have a narrative tied into the MyPlayer mode, which is still a pretty polarizing topic in the 2K community. Of course, some probably enjoy the stories that are attached to the annual NBA game, but for the most part, players elect to skip most of its cut-scenes. So, it is a bit puzzling to see 2K continue to pour money into a narrative that most people won’t even be willing to experience.

But, there is no narrative tied into the NBA 2K20 MyPlayer demo, which is available now and will be available until the game is released on September 6.