Fitness Boxing Releases Series Of Training Mode Videos Featuring Japanese Voice Actors

Fitness Boxing Releases Series Of Training Mode Videos Featuring Japanese Voice Actors
Credit: Fitness Boxing Official Website

In January 2019, Imagineer released Fitness Boxing in North America. The exercise game combined sports and music for up to two players. With Ring Fit Adventures flying off the shelves and becoming more difficult to find, the boxing title is a satisfactory substitute for those who want to use their Nintendo Switch to work out.

The game, which has been released worldwide, hasn’t had many major updates since its release. Recently, Imagineer released new instructional videos featuring various voice actors from anime, movies, and video games for players in Japan, where the game is known as Fit Boxing.

Those who regularly watch anime in Japanese audio and English subtitles may be interested to hear instructions from the voices of their favorite characters.

For those new to Fitness Boxing, according to Nintendo, it features “Daily training ranges from 10-40 minutes and offers both Normal and Fast mode. The game software estimates your approximate BMI and daily calories burned so you can track your progress. Choose from a diverse group of trainers and customize their look with unlockable trainer outfits. As you progress, you can earn more songs and more challenging training circuits. If you prefer to work out with a buddy, you can use two sets of Joy-Con controllers or share a pair to enjoy working out cooperatively or test your skills by facing off against each other in a virtual ring!”

With Fitness Boxing, players don’t have to purchase any additional equipment. Players only need their Joy-Cons and the console.

There are instrumental versions of 20 unlockable popular songs.

Each training mode video has a voice actor guiding players through each motion. The trainers don’t look like the voice actor but are there to demonstrate each movement.

There are beginners courses plus an intermediate course.

The intermediate course uses Akio Otsuka, a voice actor known for his role as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

The videos were created in response to the growing advice to people around the globe not to go outside due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Imagineer created the videos for free within the in-game training menu for a limited time. It’s unknown if the company will release new videos outside of Japan.

The videos are in Japanese and don’t have English subtitles. Those who don’t know Japanese may find some of the boxing moves familiar and can follow along with each movement.

Fitness Boxing is available on the Nintendo Switch now.