First Official Pokémon GO Lab Opens in Japan Near Pokémon Mega Tokyo Store

First Official Pokémon GO Lab Opens in Japan Near Pokémon Mega Tokyo Store
Credit: Pokémon GO via Twitter

Ikebukuro, Tokyo now holds three Pokémon store locations. They’re all located within the Sunshine City shopping center that has a hotel, aquarium, movie theater, mall, and more.

The world’s first Pokémon GO Lab shop has just opened next to the Mega Tokyo branch and Pikachu Sweets Shop.

The Pokémon GO Lab opened on December 19th on the second floor of the Sunshine City shopping center. This is the first store themed after the mobile title.

Not only is the Pokémon GO Lab a space to purchase limited-edition merchandise, but a place for players to come together for the mobile game.

The products bring many of the in-game items to life. There are ID/pass holders, pouches that look like the game’s egg incubators, phone cases, candy, clothing, hats, and more. There are many items based on the three teams within the game as well, so players can represent their favorites.

At the location, there are several Pokémon GO themed areas. Players can take photos, battle, or exchange Pokémon.

There’s a large area that looks similar to a Pokémon GO gym. In the middle of the room, there’s a screen where players can learn more about gym leaders and Pokémon. The screen also changes color to represent the different Pokémon GO Teams.

The Lab also houses a lifesize statue of Professor Willow, who helps new trainers learn how to play the game. The figure is housed behind ropes, so visitors can only look and not touch the statue.

The back of the store is a battle stadium. If trainers are looking for a specific Pokémon, they can sign up here to be matched with the right player. The list of Pokémon is printed on a sheet in nine languages, making it a welcoming place for those who don’t speak Japanese. All of the items in the store can only be purchased in Japanese Yen.

The Pokémon GO Lab will host various events like Raid Battles and more. Participants can receive unique gifts like a sticker of Professor Willow.

When fans are finished visiting the Lab, they can visit the nearby Mega Tokyo store for general Pokémon goods. There’s also the Pikachu sweet shop where hungry visitors can buy a cute Pokémon-themed cupcake or other sweets.

The Pokémon GO Lab is now open for visitors in the Sunshine City shopping center in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.