Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s First Patch Might Be Readying The Game For An Upgrade To PlayStation 5 Consoles

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s First Patch Might Be Readying The Game For An Upgrade To PlayStation 5 Consoles
Credit: Square Enix

Earlier this week, we reported that after six months, Final Fantasy VII Remake was receiving its first patch update that would fix a number of lingering issues and make some overall improvements.

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However, some fans have started speculating that this patch could be a sign that the game is getting ready for a huge upgrade that would put it on the PlayStation 5 console.

We’re just a few short weeks away from the launch of the PlayStation 5, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the larger exclusive releases on the PlayStation 4. It makes a lot of sense that this title would be one that players would want to experience on the next generation system.

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It has long been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be a multi-part epic retelling and reimagining of the classic 1997 PlayStation 1 era JRPG. We’re not sure how many parts the game will come in, but the first installment, released in April 2020, expanded on the Midgar portion of the original game.

Development is in full swing over at Square Enix on the next chapter of this popular franchise, and it’s practically a lock that the future installment will release on the PlayStation 5. Many players have been wondering if Sony would be re-releasing the title for the PS5 so that players can more easily access the entire series once it’s released. This is similar to what Sony did with The Last of Us, re-releasing it on the PS4 after it had already debuted toward the end of the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle.

With 99% of PlayStation 4 titles working on the PlayStation 5, it might not even need a full remaster. Instead, gamers could take Square’s sudden interest in developing patch updates as a sign that they’re strengthening the title to work on the new console.

The patch that released this week, entitled version 1.01, is pretty small. It was only 140 megabytes and made minor changes and glitch fixes. But details on what bugs were fixed are vague, and the game has gone a full half year without needing any kind of update. That has led many to guess that something is brewing between Sony and Square.

It could be that Square is strengthening Final Fantasy VII Remake to ready it for cross compatibility with the PS5, which releases in the United States on November 12.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available on the PlayStation 4 console. When the game released in April, it set new records for digital sales of a major PlayStation 4 title.