Final Fantasy 7 And Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Editions Might Be Released Together In A Physical Twin Pack Bundle

Final Fantasy 7 And Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Editions Might Be Released Together In A Physical Twin Pack Bundle
Credit: Playstation via YouTube

When you’re talking about the JRPG genre, you inevitably have to mention Final Fantasy VII and its immediate successor Final Fantasy VIII.

They are two of the most well known classic turn-based RPGs of the original Sony PlayStation era. Both of these titles have received remastered re-releases on the current console generation, but it seems as though a physical bundled title could be coming to the West for Nintendo Switch.

While this is strictly a rumor at this point, it should be pointed out that the bundle already exists in Japan. The two games were put together in a physical cartridge and sold in retail locations. However, the bundle has not been released outside of Japan and no official announcement has been made yet.

A leak from European retailers has led many to believe that the bundle is headed to Western markets, perhaps in time for the holiday season.

The listing was picked up by two retailers, Game Explorers and The Console Club. The information shared by both of these outlets was consistent, which leads many to believe that there is validity to this rumor.

Both sites stated that bundle would see a November 6 release at a price of $45. It also included an image of the packaging, which features both games splitting the box horizontally. There was no additional information on the bundle’s actual content, specifically whether or not it will be including any extras.

It is likely that if this rumor is to be believed, and this bundle is coming to the Western markets, there will be an announcement from Nintendo and Square Enix in the coming weeks. There was no mention of this at a recent Nintendo Direct Mini event, so it remains to be seen what the future is going to hold for these games.

While the bundle appears to be exclusive to Nintendo, you can purchase both Final Fantasy VII Remastered and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered separately on every major current generation console and PC systems.

Typically though, when games are re-released like this, it is digital only. That’s why the concept of a physical bundle is so surprising to a lot of long time fans.

So, while the games are still available digitally on other platforms, collectors might not be able to pass up the physical copy.

Final Fantasy VII has been a big topic as of late, with the release of the first chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year. The second installment of this complete re-imagining of the original classic is currently under development.