Fight For Honor Using Weapons, Trained Animals, And The Gods. Story Of A Gladiator – Coming Out On All Platforms November 27

Fight For Honor Using Weapons, Trained Animals, And The Gods. Story Of A Gladiator – Coming Out On All Platforms November 27
Credit: THE KLINGON GAMER via YouTube

There is only one thing left to fight for when everything has been lost, honor.

Story of a Gladiator will follow a common man whose family has been slaughtered by the Roman Empire. His house has been burned to the ground by the Romans, and the man’s land is now theirs.

This is an action, arcade-fighting game featuring brutal, chaotic fighting in the sands of an arena. The gamer will play a man turned gladiator, choosing from three different origins, Greece, Carthage, and Egypt.

Here is the trailer for Story of a Gladiator:

After the man lost everything, he spends his days wandering the streets of Rome, trying to find his purpose, the reason the gods have spared him.

The man eventually finds his purpose, and that is fighting to make a name for himself, and eventually, earn the title of Champion of Rome.

The man will fight 80 different enemies and 20 animals, each with their unique fighting style, on his way to become the greatest gladiator in the Roman Empire.

The gladiator will fight in three different arenas, working towards the most prestigious place of combat, the Colosseum.

Story of a Gladiator features 36 different battles and three intense boss fights.

The player will fight against Greek warriors in the Arena of Capua, and Carthage tribal warriors and their animals in the Arena of Neapolis.

Once the gladiator has made a name of himself, he will fight in the Colosseum in front of the emperor himself, taking on the Roman legions. The most significant fighting title on Earth is up for grabs, the Champion of Rome.

As the gamer wins more battles as the gladiator, they will collect more coins. Navigate the streets of Rome to find a combat trainer to enhance the gladiator’s skill or find a shop to purchase new weapons and armor.

The player can also find a beast master in the city who will teach them how to tame a tiger to fight alongside the gladiator.

Besides using weapons and a tiger to battle, the player can also call upon the gods to help.

This is a single-player game only, so cutting down computer foes will have to suffice. Story of a Gladiator will be available on November 27th for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and PlayStation 4.

The game is currently selling for a modest $10.99 can be purchased through appropriate electronic stores.