FIFA 21’s Team Of The Week 6 Cards Pretty Much Render Your Weekend League Rewards Useless

FIFA 21’s Team Of The Week 6 Cards Pretty Much Render Your Weekend League Rewards Useless
Credit: EA Sports

In another disappointing week for FIFA’s TOTW, the quality of cards is shockingly poor for the time investment of 30 games of Weekend League. The highest-rated card is a 90-rated Karim Benzema (who has a decent card, except for the shocking pace stats) with a mix of other low-rated players and off-league players that barely make the grind worth it.

Joao Felix is another highlight, and probably going to be the most expensive card from the set. His base gold card was already pretty overpowered, probably something to do with his FIFA ambassador position in FUT21. The Portuguese striker is the only card worth picking up from the set – and that’s not an exaggeration.

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Take a closer look at the rest of the set:

In terms of actual useable players, there are a few that jump out. Joao Felix is definitely useable. Other than that, Gabriel, Smalling and Gnabry could also fit into a team, with Smalling and Gabriel shaping up to be decent centrebacks from their respective nations/leagues. Gnabry is a solid upgrade on his gold card, but with Sane already at top spot for left mid in the Bundes it’s tough competition.

Ziyech? Gervinho? Volland? They’re not bad cards, but also don’t exactly scream value for 30 games of weekend league – or however many you played this weekend. Ziyech is a little too slow compared to other top-tier Premier League wingers, Gervinho has terrible shooting stats, and Volland is actually decent – if you prefer physical strikers over pure pace.

Response from the community, pretty much expected at this point, was negative. Diogo Jota probably deserved an inform two weeks ago, but as the TOTW is based on league performance he doesn’t get the award for his hattrick against Atalanta. EA are pretty against upgrading that free card they gave us at the start of the game…

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In terms of other content as part of the Wednesday 6 pm content drop, it actually looks pretty good from EA. The MLS Milestone players are all pretty great – the cost of Opara, the pacey MLS Rulebreakers card, rocketed from 25k to extinct on console at the time of writing.

If EA continue to deliver decent objective cards and keep the TOTW as poor as it currently is, then there’s little reason to grind away at Weekend League every week on the off-chance that there’s one good card released.