Festival Of Giving Has Begun In Sea Of Thieves, Holiday Celebration Among Pirates On The Open Sea

Festival Of Giving Has Begun In Sea Of Thieves, Holiday Celebration Among Pirates On The Open Sea
Credit: Sea of Thieves via Youtube

Starting today, the Festival of Giving update is bringing holiday cheer to the pirates of Sea of Thieves. Tons of holiday hijinks are in place with new missions, cosmetics, and more. This is one of the stranger holiday events, but it does not feel out of place for the game. There have been Halloween and other themed events in the past, the Holidays is simply the next step.

Sea of Thieves has done a ton of work revamping, updating, and completing the game since its release. After some rough times, in the beginning, it is finally starting to shape up to the pirating experience that fans knew it would be. This is a great leap for the game itself, and if trends continue the way they are, it will pay off in the long run.

The festivities are in full swing as Gift Seeker Voyages offer some extra loot for any players that can track down lost shipments of gifts. All you need to do is speak to Sticher Jim in any tavern to start earning money for each lost gift you deliver safety back to him. If you need more inventive, the Calendar of Giving has started and will offer players daily in-game incentives from December 13 – 24.

New players will be happy to know that this update is adding the Maiden Voyage to the game. This is a new introductory adventure that will set new players on the right track. It is still useful for returning players to get a quick refresher on how everything works. The developers are describing it as an “ideal first experience and a safe place to hone your skills.”

This same patch has content for more seasoned players by adding in a chance to explore a previously unexplored island hidden beyond the Devil’s Shroud. Meet the Pirate Lord and unlock new commendations and exclusive cosmetics on this doomed voyage.

The latest in-season fashion is available at the Pirate Emporium. This is your chance to collect all the time-limited set of festive-themed weapons, pet outfits, and other cool stuff. This is also the launch of the Emporium’s first-ever sale, and select Ancient Coin bundles have been boosted by 10% to give you more coins for your purchase.

Players that want to give back to charity this season should purchase the unique SpecialEffect ship cosmetic. This gives back to the Special Effect charity and helps kids with disabilities get a chance to play video games and access technology previously outside their reach.

This is only some of the content hidden inside the update. To find a full list feel free to explore the full release notes on the official Sea of Thieves website. This game can be downloaded on Xbox One and PC.