Feargus Urquhart, Creator Of The Obsidian Franchise, Is Eager To Create A New Fallout Installment

Feargus Urquhart, Creator Of The Obsidian Franchise, Is Eager To Create A New Fallout Installment
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Feargus Urquhart, the co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment, recently mentioned that his company would like to produce another Fallout game. He was alluding to the prevalent Fallout: New Vegas launched on October 19, 2010. However, Urquhart claims that the business only holds out for the appropriate moment to present itself.

DualShockers conducted an interview not too long ago, where we first heard the news. The conversation not only brought to light a wide variety of fascinating facts but also shed some light on Obsidian’s potential plans for developing yet another game in the Fallout series.

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Urquhart reacted promptly with “of course” when questioned if Obsidian will ever want to embark on a Fallout game. He said that if we ever had the chance to produce another Fallout game, we would create it if we were given the opportunity. It is not even a question as to whether or not we will carry it out; instead, the concern is whether or not the possibility will present itself.

Urquhart stated that he stayed at Interplay for perhaps an additional year because he wanted to put in more time working on Fallout. Fallout is one of my favorite video games. The developer is well-known for his work at Interplay Entertainment and Black Isle Studios. In addition to working on various other projects, he was responsible for developing the first two Fallout video games.

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Urquhart stated that Obsidian is constantly assessing possible futures, even though the company has just released Grounded out of Early Access and is actively working on Tapestry, Avowed, and a sequel to The Outer Worlds. However, Urquhart did say that the company is launching Grounded out of Early Access. Urquhart observed that at some point, we’d begin to look at what those next games will be, and it would surprise me if Fallout were not on that list.