Farabel Comes To Switch, An RPG That Starts At The End And Travels Backwards

Farabel Comes To Switch, An RPG That Starts At The End And Travels Backwards
Credit: Frogames

Peace finally reigns in the land. The great evil has been defeated, the world exists in harmony, and you, the hero, are able to finally lay down your sword and relax.

Just a sec. That’s the beginning of the game? Yes, it is. In Farabel, things take a truly unique and strange turn in that you start at the end of the game, and work your way back to the beginning.

Farabel, a turn-based strategy game, involves you going back in time from the game’s actual end in order to prevent war. Each victory sends you back into the past, where you were less powerful, putting a topsy-turvy twist on the leveling mechanic seen in most RPGs.

Rather than leveling up, you have to level yourself down, but do so in a way you’ll be able to make it through the battles to come. Do you sacrifice health? Damage? Defense? Choose wisely, as what you downgrade yourself with determines victory in future battles with each jump into the past.

Even though you’re really leveling yourself down as the story progresses, you’re not fighting alone. You’ll have plenty of units at your disposal, around 40, in fact, each with different abilities and spells to aid you on the battlefield.

Farabel has three modes, each offering its own challenges and gameplay.

Campaign is obviously the story, where you progress through the 26 modes it offers. Take on the role of Cendor, lord of Farabel, as you travel back in time, unraveling the story and defeating all who stand in your way as you level yourself down, and finding out how it all occurred.

Classic is a more battle-focused mode where you purchase units and try to make it through fights with the least amount of casualties. Battles are different each time, testing your wits as well as your skill.

Defense is for those who have a lot of time and energy to spare. You fight an endless army, and defeat is literally impossible. Construct your own army, with only one purpose: survival.

Certainly a surprising entry into the RPG genre, Farabel comes to Nintendo Switch December 20th, 2019.