Fans Will See Captain Lorca Back In Star Trek Online’s Rise Of Discovery

Fans Will See Captain Lorca Back In Star Trek Online’s Rise Of Discovery

Star Trek’s upcoming update, Rise of Discovery, will bring back the Terran Imperial Starfleet officer, Capt. Lorca. It can be recalled that Lorca has left some questions unanswered in Discovery’s first season.

It was the same thing with Human Starfleet officer, Commander Ellen Landry. Landry’s exit was unexpected. Now, with the MMO Star Trek Online, Lorca is back to join the players along with Commander Landry. The two characters are given voices by Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma, respectively.

Last month, Star Trek Online revealed its roadmap until July this year where the game was said to undergo changes.

The report from the PC Gamer, however, shows a sneak peek to the backstory about the two fleet officers. Star Trek Online Rise of Discovery is set at a time before the events happened in the first season.

Here, players should assist in the rescue of Captain Lorca who got stranded. Klingons of House of Mo’Kai should be dealt with in this update.

One thing that keeps the game exciting is the players’ ability to travel back in time. The time travel allows players to make Discovery captains or TOS while still able to play other current characters.

Like the latest episodes, the Star Trek Online’s Rise of Discovery brings the Discovery Legends, a new Tier 6 vessel reputation. This will allow players to grab some Task Force Operations rewards that have the same theme with the update.

Players in any level can also convert their Tier 6 vessels into ships that are a free-for-all. It will be upgraded to the current level of the player allowing everyone to fly them.

Recently, Star Trek Online has released a patch that resolves a host of issues. This includes the issue that prevents players to claim Romulan and Klingon Loot Crate promos.

It also resolved the crash that happens when players try to take all their Overflow bag items. The Overflow bag’s capacity was also increased and can now carry 50 items.

The update also updated the Operation Riposte where the Klingons will take retreats while Phase 3 have no transports yet. The stations will also get full immunity from Power Drain and the Subsystem Offline effects. There were also updates on Transports which now allows players to explore it.

The Rise of Discovery update will launch on May 14. From now until then, Star Trek fans can expect more details on the Tier 6 vessels to come.