Fans No Longer Seeing Victoria III In PDXCON 2019, Developer Confirms; Is It Already The End For The Game?

Fans No Longer Seeing Victoria III In PDXCON 2019, Developer Confirms; Is It Already The End For The Game?
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

Fans have been waiting for the arrival of Victoria III for years now. However, their desire to see the successor of Victoria II in PDXCON 2019 ended in a whimper.

The predecessor of the highly anticipated game was launched in August 2010. After that, many fans have already been clamoring for the release of its sequel.

Last year, news about the possibility of an announcement about its launch during the PDXCON came out. Thus, fans have been excited that the annual event is happening finally on Oct. 18. But there would be no Victoria III at the grand event, Paradox Development Studio (PDS) revealed.

Following the developer’s announcement on Twitter, does it mean that the third installment of the game is no longer coming?

According to the developer, what fans could expect are four elements, which are all confirmed already.

• It is a product of PDS
• It is a grand strategy game
• Its producer is Linda Tiger
• It is not a new Victoria title.

If one would look closely into the message, could it be safe to surmise that Victoria III is still arriving? In the first place, PDS did not say that it has already canceled the project. It must be noted, though, that no confirmation has been made yet, as well. What fans could hope for now is the inclusion of the game in the succeeding announcements.

Meanwhile, some fans theorized that instead of releasing Victoria III, PDS could be dropping Victoria IV instead. Accordingly, the developer is just trying to mess up the game’s number sequence. This seems interesting, but not for some as the tweet of PDS only dampened their excited spirits.

Back in June this year, fans shared their thoughts on the Steam Community about the sequel of Victoria II. Most of them noted that it would be the best game that PDS could ever offer to its followers.

One fan, bighungryjames, shared that he also wanted to experience some enhancements in Paradox’s Victoria III. He wanted the game to be running with the same graphics with Europa Universalis 4. The gamer further pointed out such an improvement would make the gameplay “grandiose.” He claimed that the Victoria II graphics are not impressive at all.

Overall, fans of the series have been harping on its plot as the main reason why they have been hooked into it. It was explained that the era between 1836 and 1935 carries the most interesting part of world history.

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