Fans Mod No Man’s Sky To Create Replicant City, The Game’s Cyberpunk Version Of New York

Fans Mod No Man’s Sky To Create Replicant City, The Game’s Cyberpunk Version Of New York
Credit: ERBurroughs via YouTube

When Hello Games released the Foundation update in 2016, it frees up No Man’s Sky to a lot of customization.

The potential of the Foundation update has been fully unleashed when modders released a new clip for Replicant City. It’s a cyberpunk version of what Times Square would be like in space.

Here’s a short clip of Replicant City in No Man’s Sky. It’s created by ER Burroughs, JC Hysteria, Boid Gaming, and Action Pants Gaming. Right now, the place couldn’t be accessed by players.

What makes the video amazing was that the creation of Replicant City shouldn’t even be possible.

Replicant City is a brutal world. It’s nestled right smack in a dead planet with a very low atmosphere. As JC Hysteria explains it, populating the world with too much flora and fauna compromises the render.

ER Burroughs also said that although the game gives them lots of freedom, it’s still constrained by its own parameters. In the end, the game has limits way beneath the scope of their imagination. That’s why they have to compromise some of the details in order to make Replicant City possible.

Another constraint is the PS4 console, which couldn’t handle the large requirements in rendering. If they have to overstretch themselves, the console will eventually crash. Their strategy was to overbuild then take out some of the details up to a point where the technology could handle it.

However, the team intends on sharing the coordinates to Replicant City right after the release of No Man’s Sky: Beyond. The plan was for people to experience the city in virtual reality.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond is already rolled out on the PSVR and the PC. The update will include a multiplayer option and VR support, which would be perfect to enjoy Replicant City. With the PC version, the game will be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. ‘

The problem is that Replicant City was specifically created on the PlayStation 4. It’s not clear if Oculus Rift or HTC Vive users will be able to visit this city even if the coordinates are shared. There’s bound to be some problems since Replicant City was created through a process called glitch building.

According to Hello Games, the game should be experienced in VR. In fact, it’s the only way to really bring the player right inside the game and explore the various worlds. You will play in the first-person mode and take control of the cockpit as you navigate the expansive universe.