Fallout New Modifications Mole Rat Taxi Another Faction And Some Of New Settlement

Fallout New Modifications Mole Rat Taxi Another Faction And Some Of New Settlement
Credit: thesupertimes

When you’ve encountered enough locales in Fallout: New Vegas, navigating the Mojave becomes a little too simple. Even if patrolling it can have you desire a nuclear winter, at the game’s halfway point, especially after discovering New Vegas, you should stop patrolling it altogether. So why not add excitement to speedy travel?

Transporters: Immersive Fast Travel on Nexus Mods achieves this by providing a Mole Rat taxi service. Users have access to the novel mode of transport thanks to the mod, which also adds an entirely new faction and quest. Although the service isn’t inexpensive, it provides a much more bizarre yet still lore-friendly means of getting around the desert.

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According to the description, the brand-new Transporters are one of the oldest groups on the West Coast. They are descended from primitive people who have long been able to domesticate and employ mole rats as a mode of transportation. As a result, they provide outsiders with the advantages of this skill, albeit for a cost.

The hack does more than make fast travel more realistic. Additionally, 300 lines of voiced dialogue have been added to develop the new group further. You also receive Pueblo Manifesto, a brand-new community serving as the Transporters’ operations headquarters. A merchant and a side quest are located here.

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Giant rats can move thanks to StealthDick’s Multimedia Fast Travel patch quickly.

All New Vegas’ DLC additions and the well-liked Tale of Two Wastelands are compatible with the mod.

Today, the taxi driver from the post-apocalyptic world makes over a hundred trips. Others require access even if the player hasn’t been there, while some need to be enabled beforehand.

There are numerous other mods that New Vegas players can use to deepen their experience. For example, you can now genuinely be a carrier, as we recently covered by another modder.