Fallout 76 Is Being Offered For Free On Steam For Those That Own A PC Copy Already

Fallout 76 Is Being Offered For Free On Steam For Those That Own A PC Copy Already
Credit: GamersPrey via YouTube

The Wastelanders update is almost upon Fallout 76 players. It’s set to add NPCs to the mix along with detailed quests and other content. Many are hoping that it will make this action RPG an amazing experience yet, featuring much more meaningful things to do around the wastelands.

The coronavirus pushed back this update a bit, but Bethesda has continued to work from home to get it out on April 14. It was also just announced from the developer that Fallout 76 will be available for free on Steam for those that already own a copy on PC. There are many that prefer to use Steam’s streamlined and user-friendly platform, so this news is probably music to these gamers’ ears.

All PC users have to do is link their Bethesda.net and Steam accounts by April 12. Once this small task is done, players will automatically receive a Steam copy. It’s nice that PC gamers don’t have to purchase another copy just to play on Steam. That would definitely upset the community and make many want to push back.

Bethesda started off a little rocky with Fallout 76, but they’ve worked tirelessly to make it a better game in various departments. This Wastelanders update is poised to be the biggest improvement yet. Finally, players will be able to enjoy these West Virginia lands with other NPCs.

When Fallout 76 originally released, it was devoid of character development and emotion. You constantly felt isolated, especially if you weren’t playing in a party. Bethesda thought their original plans of PvP action would go through well. It didn’t and was one of the major weaknesses of this RPG at launch. Now, Bethesda has seen the error in their ways and are doing everything they can to right these wrongs.

If you’ve held off on playing Fallout 76 because of its mixed reviews, then April 14 may be the time to finally jump in on the action. There will be way more content you’ll be able to sink your teeth into, whether you’re interested in character dialogue or completing missions that have added weight and purpose.

For those that already own a copy on PC, the Steam release seems like worth checking out as well. It’s one of the best platforms for PC right now, filled with community tools and features. Hopefully, the Wastelanders update launches smoothly and gives players the chance to check out a much better RPG. That would serve Bethesda and its loyal fanbase well moving forward.