Extended Gameplay Footage Of Surgeon Simulator 2 Was Just Shown, Highlighting The Chaotic Nature Of Being A Surgeon

Extended Gameplay Footage Of Surgeon Simulator 2 Was Just Shown, Highlighting The Chaotic Nature Of Being A Surgeon
Credit: Surgeon Simulator via Youtube

The daily struggles of being a surgeon can’t be emphasized enough. The position requires refined hand movements, attention to detail, and sometimes the ability to improvise on the fly.

You’ll be able to experience all of these things in a comedic way in Surgeon Simulator 2, the physics-based game developed by Bossa Labs. It’s available now for pre-order on the Epic Games Store.

Before it officially releases this year, fans have a new trailer to enjoy and break down. It shows an extended clip of gameplay, featuring adrenaline-pumping surgery that you just have to see for yourself.

The gameplay seems very clunky, but that’s part of the appeal. Rather than being refined with a scalpel, you’ll stumble your way through surgery like a medical student straight out of college with zero experience.

That’s where the humor shines bright in Surgeon Simulator 2. It was heavily present in the original and it looks like the developer is taking the same direction. That’s a good thing too. It’s always nice when games don’t take themselves too seriously.

The developer knew the appeal in this surgery simulation game and it’s heavily apparent in the latest trailer.

The surgeon in the trailer is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He takes body parts out of the patient’s chest and simply tosses them across the facility without a care in the world.

The trailer also shows a bevvy of instruments that you’ll be able to use, competently or haphazardly. Either way, you have lives to save and you’ll stop at nothing to come through in a catastrophic way.

There is one sequence — incredibly — that shows the surgeon ripping off limbs like they’re simply attached with glue. It’s definitely a sequence that you have to see to believe.

It’s clear in this extended gameplay trailer that Surgeon Simulator 2 is going to be a lot of fun to play. There aren’t complex rules that you have to abide by. Just a bunch of tools and an incredible medical facility at your disposal.

The fact that it’s co-op also adds to the fun meter. You can open people up with a partner and see who can do the most ridiculous things. The game even has a Bossa Labs Creation Mode.

The developer obviously spent time analyzing the original and figuring out where they could make improvements. Based on this gameplay trailer, they’ve done an outstanding job. All we need now is an official release date.