Exclusive: Metro Redux Switch Would Likely Run Portably At A Locked 30FPS In 720p And Also Up To 1080p Docked

Exclusive: Metro Redux Switch Would Likely Run Portably At A Locked 30FPS In 720p And Also Up To 1080p Docked
Credit: metrogame

Alas! The resolution and framerate of the upcoming Metro Redux Switch ports have is now unveiled.

After speculating for a long time, publisher Deep Silver and developer of 4A Games finally announced Metro Redux for the Nintendo Switch last week. Similar to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the same title, Metro Redux on the Switch includes Metro Last Light and Metro 2033 along with all the DLC for the titles.

Although the official press release contained detailed information about the game’s content and its availability, still some vital technical details about the Switch port were omitted. Besides, a lot of you might be interested to know the Redux framerate and resolution on Nintendo’s hybrid platform. Because of that, we got a piece of insider information from Koch media.

Word was sent out to the folks at Koch media, and they replied to Gamasutra. We’re also happy to say that metro Redux will likely run at a locked 30FPS in 720P.—that is portable mode—when docked, the game will render up to 1080p resolution, which can only mean one thing. The game will make use of dynamic rendering based on system overload.

The correct version of Metro Last Light and 2033 ran at 30FPS in 720p on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Most releases in 2014 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, packed as Metro Redux, did run at 912p on Xbox One and 60FPS in 1080p on PlayStation 4.

From the above details, we’re looking at a Switch port that can work both for the original Xbox/360 and current-generation version of the shooters.

Let’s quickly look the key features coming in on Nintendo Switch

Metro Redux Switch Key features
• Put yourself in the Moscow Metro and witness one of the life-changing atmospheric worlds in gaming brought to life on Nintendo Switch
• Use the brave horrors of the Russian apocalypse with the right weapons as you face the threat of human foes, deadly mutants, and the holocaust environment itself.
• Also, two campaigns and all DLC inclusive—Metro Redux consists of two complete campaigns that contribute to creating one epic solo adventure, plus an engaging 10 hours of bonus content. The Ranger Mode and the Two unique Play Styles add more hours to the replay-ability
• Another two unique Play Styles—‘Survival’ and ‘Spartan’—players can take on the game as a slow burn Survival Horror, or use the combat skills of a Spartan Ranger to fight your way through in these two spectacular modes.

Metro Redux is set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, February 28.