Ex-GenG Mid Laner Fly Joins Afreeca Freecs After A Disappointing Season For 2020

Ex-GenG Mid Laner Fly Joins Afreeca Freecs After A Disappointing Season For 2020
Credit: Afreeca Freecs via Twitter

League of Legends team, Afreeca Freecs, has signed the ex-GenG mid laner Fly after his recent departure from the GenG squad.

After a weak 2019 season, GenG released most of its players, including Fly. The organization maintained the bot lane for the next season and looked to sign other players for the top, jungle, and mid roles, respectively.

Afreeca Freecs had a bad start during the 2019 LCK season, having mixed performances during the Spring Split. In Summer Split, they looked more coordinated and managed to repair the most significant mistakes from the Spring Split. They have finished in fifth place and missed qualifying for Worlds by losing their first match against Kingzone DragonX.

By joining Afreeca Freecs, Fly intends to compete for the starting spot together with Son ‘Ucal’ Woo-Hyeon, who still hasn’t announced any plans for the 2020th season yet.

Fly has a rich history of competing in multiple regions. He played for former World Champions, Invictus Gaming, in 2015 and tried his luck in the North American region by playing for Gold Coin United and Flyquest as well. His most notable career moment was 2016 when he reached the LCK Playoffs alongside his teammates in KT Rolster during both Spring and Summer Splits.

The lackluster season of GenG is not to be blamed on Fly, overall the team didn’t mesh well together and had numerous issues, starting from drafts, communication and ending with gameplay. Even though GenG had the highest-paid jungler in LCK in Peanut, he was not able to deliver a performance worthy of the most paid jungler in the league. The numerous benches and player swaps contributed to the lousy morale of the team, and as a result, their performance dropped significantly throughout the season.

The fresh start of 2020 will give Fly a chance to prove once again that he still has it within him, that he can reach the top of the LCK and become a contender for the Championship.

Afreeca Freecs are expected to make more roster changes in the following days, after the departure of the bot lane in Kim ‘Aiming’ Ha-ram and Son ‘Jelly’ Ho-Kyong.

While this is just the beginning of the roster changes, many more are expected to follow after the free agency period was opened on November 18th in all regions. Stay tuned for updates regarding all the regions in the next couple of days, where we will have a bigger picture of the pro-players and their teams for the 2020th season.