Etherborn Arrives On Nintendo Switch; Puzzle Game Is A Psychedelic Experience

Etherborn Arrives On Nintendo Switch; Puzzle Game Is A Psychedelic Experience
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The gravity-shifting platformer Etherborn is already available for download on Steam today. In the game, you play an unnamed being that has been thrust into this mysterious world. A disembodied voice seemingly knows you are arriving and, in fact, anticipating it. Your objective is to know why you are there.

The world of Etherborn is very beautiful, if not psychedelic for the very mind-bending images. Imagine yourself as a child navigating a very unfamiliar–and even foreboding–world. The vertical buildings and slabs of concrete juxtaposed with the almost naked landscape.

The whole theme is minimalist, which only ramps up the difficulty level because you are not sure what to do. The faceless voice says that you can carve your own path and create new pathways but for what?

You are supposed to explore uncharted territory. Each player will have a different experience in the game. There’s no single path that will spell victory. As the faceless being suggests, “if you listen to the direction given by others, you will dissolve beneath their shadows.” The path is yours and yours alone.

Take everything you learn about physics in school and throw all those theories out the window. That’s because, in this mysterious universe, the laws of physics don’t apply. You can explore your new environments by scaling walls because gravity behaves differently here.

But this world is also perilous and tricky as you try to collect orbs going forward. The orbs serve as the key to unlock doorways. You can scale walls, but be careful where you tread. You make sure that the concrete or buildings have a curved edge to make sure you don’t fall. Plummeting to the ground below can spell your doom.

Because this is a puzzle-platformer, you will have to solve several confounding problems. Along the way, you try to understand how gravity shifts and behaves in this world. Unlocking the puzzle will be material to understand your purpose finally.

To be able to have a very immersive experience, play the game on the recommended settings. To get the maximum resolution, you need a Windows 10, a 3.2GHz Intel i-5 processor, at least 8GB of RAM, a GTX 1060 from GeForce, 2.5 GB of available space, and a Direct X version 11.

Watch the trailer for Etherborn. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. You can purchase the game for $16.99 on Steam.