Dying Light 2 Announces Date of Gameplay Demo Livestream

Dying Light 2 Announces Date of Gameplay Demo Livestream
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Dying Light official Twitter had some delightful news to share in regards to their upcoming game. Dying Light 2 fans can expect to have a glance at the official gameplay demo on the 26th of August at 8PM Central European summertime.

The gameplay demo will be shared in a live stream, but no information has been given out past that. They haven’t even announced what platform they’ll use to stream on, so those that are interested are going to have to keep a close eye on the Dying Light twitter.

Dying Light reached a level of critical popularity following its release in early 2015. Players assumed the role of operative Kyle Crane in a post-zombie-apocalypse world and made decisions that affected the entire world, whether it be helping survivors out of goodwill or taking more selfish options. A day-night cycle forces dynamic play styles, with zombies classically less active during the day and becoming more widespread as the sun sets. This cycle allows the player to pick and choose their moments, paths, and combat choices in new and different ways.

There’s been a good amount of confirmation over Dying Light 2 and what changes players can expect. So far, it’s been confirmed that players will control Aiden Caldwell, an infected survivor with “exceptional agility and brutal combat skills,” to quote the official website. It’s been fifteen years since the outbreak of the virus, and while the infected are still an issue to contend with, it seems that humanity may be an even bigger opposition this time around. The official website sums up the dystopia rather well:

“The last great human settlement exists within an unforgiving, infected world, plunged into a modern dark age. During the day, bandits, factions and starving survivors roam the streets scavenging for scraps – or someone to take them from, by violence if necessary. At night the infected roam free, evacuating their dark hideouts to prey on the living.”

Not exactly an uplifting world, to be certain. Players will make choices that completely shape the remainder of society. Choices will uncover or cut off entire new areas of gameplay, empower or destroy individuals and entire groups, and essentially decide the fate of the entirety of the city. The first-person combat and cinematic focus of the game will help players to see exactly what they’ve done, for better or for worse.

Dying Light 2 will arrive sometime in early 2020, but those that can’t wait to see the game will have that chance with this upcoming gameplay demo stream. Don’t forget to set your calendars!