Due To Reports Of Frequent Crashes, Nintendo Has Temporarily Disabled Access To The Switch Sport Servers

Due To Reports Of Frequent Crashes, Nintendo Has Temporarily Disabled Access To The Switch Sport Servers
Credit: IGN

While Nintendo looks into server crash concerns, the Nintendo Switch Sports servers are down for the time being.

Earlier, Nintendo released update 1.2.1 for Switch Sport, which takes a firm stance against hackers and cheats who violate the game’s Community Guidelines. Because of the improvements implemented in this update, Nintendo will now be able to recognize and ban users who cheat or use vulnerabilities in Switch Sports. Unfortuitously, this update brings with it its problem, which results in the game crashing at random at times.

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According to a tweet by Nintendo, an issue has been discovered in the latest update for #NintendoSwitchSports Ver1.2.1 that causes the app to exit during the pre-match loading screen. Unfortunately, this is affecting both the online and offline play modes. As a result, we have decided to put the release of this update on hold for the time being. Unhappily, the problem was significantly more widespread than was previously believed, and it was impossible to rectify the issue with a simple solution.

As a direct consequence, the company has momentarily disabled the Switch Sports server infrastructure. A follow-up tweet states, “#NintendoSwitchSports servers will be momentarily pulled offline as we examine the issue, and a remedy will not be accessible during this time.” Online play will also be unavailable during this period. The backup of data that has been saved is likewise being temporarily halted. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for the disruption.

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Since then, no information has been provided regarding what was causing the problem or how long the engineers would need to repair it. This Christmas season, the golfing game Switch Sports will be added to the Switch Sports lineup. Even though there isn’t much known about the mini-game, it seems to be something like the golf game on the Wii Sports console.