DragonClaw Studios’ Twilight Star: Heart Of Eir Has Been Successfully Crowdfunded!

DragonClaw Studios’ Twilight Star: Heart Of Eir Has Been Successfully Crowdfunded!
Credit: TwilightStar: Heart of Eir via YouTube

The indie game scene continues to thrive despite the pandemic that has hamstrung most productivity in the gaming world! DragonClaw Studios has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming RPG, TwilightStar: Heart of Eir, has successfully been completed!

We’ve talked about TwilightStar: Heart of Eir a few times, mostly because it seems to be one of the more interesting games coming through the indie scene at the moment. The developers at DragonClaw have made it their goal to “reinvigorate the RPG/jRPG genre by returning to a narrative-heavy, thought-provoking and challenging game.” From the successful campaign and the wonderful bits of information that have been released so far, it looks like they’re well on their way to fulfilling such a goal.

With a goal of USD $10,000, the campaign was able to exceed their goal by a rather solid portion. As the Kickstarter closed, $13,829 were raised, rushing past the goal in the final hours.

“We are so thankful for everyone who pitched in to help make this project a success,” the developers wrote in their update. “Each and every pledge brought us a step closer to our goal – our goal to make TwilightStar: Heart of Eir the best game it can be. Due to the sudden surge in pledges, we decided it’d be fun to throw in some additional lower tier stretch goals for this Kickstarter!”

Despite the intense surge, these stretch goals weren’t quite met, which is a real shame given that some of them were extremely interesting. The campaign was a little over a thousand dollars short of having a dynamic romance & relationship system being implemented in. With any luck, the developers may work to implement something along those lines, as despite the stretch goal not being met it would go a far distance to making an RPG feel more immersive and alive.

There were a few stretch goals, but they may have been a bit too ambitious. Given that the Kickstarter finished off in the final hours, there likely wasn’t much of a chance of the $20,000 Armor Stryah Binding being reached, nor the unrevealed rewards that were set beyond that.

With the game fully funded, DragonClaw will be able to pour the attention and passion into the game that they’ve showcased thus far! It’ll be fantastic to see how the game evolves as the years move on, and seeing the indie title earn so much community support is a great sign. If you supported the Kickstarter, thanks for supporting indie gaming, and congratulations on your incoming rewards!