Do Not Underestimate Nanowire In Cyberpunk 2077: This Tool Can Hack The Net And Slash Bad Guys

Do Not Underestimate Nanowire In Cyberpunk 2077: This Tool Can Hack The Net And Slash Bad Guys
Credit: CD Projekt Red

The last week has been huge in terms of Cyberpunk 2077 news. CD Projekt Red decided to release a whole new 14-minute gameplay video that helps showcase the world of Night City and how our main character can surf the net. (And, yes, the net looks just as 1980s as you would probably expect.) But besides the amazing visuals, there is a lot of new information about gameplay to unpack too.

One fact we learned is that nanowire is going to be one amazing piece of equipment. The nanowire is the short little wire that whips out of the main character’s forearm, and it is used to connect with equipment and tech throughout the game. That means the player can also use it to hack into enemies, but there is a lot more going on here too.

CD Projekt Red has already talked a lot about the two main playstyles for the game: any character can either a soldier or a netrunner. The netrunner uses their hacking abilities to defeat enemies; the soldier is all run-and-gun.

Obviously, as a netrunner, the main character is going to use their nanowire to hack and defeat enemies. And this happens in a lot of different ways. In the recently released footage, for example, we watch V (the game’s protagonist) hack an enemy who is lifting heavy weights on a bench press. Then V causes the enemy’s cybernetic implants to malfunction, which causes the enemy to drop the barbell on their neck.

There are tons of other ways to use the ability too. For example, a netrunner can hack into an enemy’s grenades and cause them to detonate while the enemy is still holding or carrying them. In another wild scene, we watch V use the nanowire to cause an enemy to shoot themselves.

Clearly this little piece of equipment is going to be one of the most vital parts of the game, whether you decide to play as a netrunner or not.

But there is more that it can do than just hack into the internet and pieces of tech. The nanowire can also hack into enemies. Literally. The little wire can be used to cut bad guys up into pieces. This probably means the nanowire will be able to be upgraded like all the other in-game cybernetics.

Cyberpunk 2077 will officially launch on April 16th of next year. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.