Destiny 2’s New Season Of The Drifter Trailer Video Shows Guns, Gears, And New Modes

Destiny 2’s New Season Of The Drifter Trailer Video Shows Guns, Gears, And New Modes
Credit: Bungie via YouTube

The latest Destiny 2 season will surely excite fans with its new guns, gears, and modes. Fans should be looking out for a Reckoning gauntlet and Gambit Prince.

Some of Destiny 2 players were left asking themselves what is inside the big ball of Drifter? This question has been unanswered since the release of Forsaken. Bungie already gave some thrilling roundup of the activities of the game’s next season.

This news was shared through ViDoc, and surprisingly, fans will get a chance to look inside the mysterious Drifter ball.

According to the game’s art director Rob Adams, once people get into these things, it’ll not be what they expect. Adams is not wrong. The new season is a high-intensity PvE game mode entitled “Reckoning.” It’s set in the Planes of the Nine surreal environments.

Players can run through the field and earn some armor sets for the upcoming Gambit Prime. The latter will be a sweatier version and a Gambit mode of Reckoning.

The new Gambit Prime will start the game with a surreal yet familiar Gambit experience.

Over time, the gameplay will evolve, and players will get to unlock some perks. This game lasts for only one round, though. This means that players should steal as many enemy notes as they can.

They will also have to fight face to face with the primeval boss in more complex boss fights. These boss fights were likened to raids.

To make the players ready for these raids, Bungie created armor sets. The armor sets will be for the four-game roles players usually fulfill while fighting in-game matches.

Aside from these armor sets, Bungie also added new guns and two more maps into the game. Also, Del-Chafe III, game’s creative director, said that there would also be new weapons and gears to run after.

He added that they put in more exotic quests to compliment their lore and clan ranks. Players will get to experience something different in the game every week.

Players are expected to get stuck quickly into the game’s new features with power surge bounties’ help. These power surge bounties can increase everyone’s speed as high as 640 power.

For those players who haven’t found time to update themselves with activities of Black Armory, this is great news.

This is also one very welcome news for menacing meta-defining hand cannons fans. They’ll be starting their Thorn journey on the game’s 2nd week.

The Drifter will be taking center stage this coming March 5.