Defiance 2050 Is Celebrating Their First Anniversary Event, Got 99 Problems And They Have Formed A Horde

Defiance 2050 Is Celebrating Their First Anniversary Event, Got 99 Problems And They Have Formed A Horde
Credit: Trion Worlds

Defiance originally launched back in 2013 to pair with a TV show. The concept was that the choices made in the game would have a direct influence over the TV show giving players a stronger connection between the two. Sadly the TV show moved quicker than the game, and the few story leads that connected the two did not remain viable. The show only lasted three seasons but even after it was canceled the MMO stayed live.

Defiance 2050 is the relaunch of this game, hoping to attract players that drifted away from the original game. The relaunch was done quietly and under the radar and went mostly unnoticed by the larger community. The devlopment team is hoping to change that with their one-year anniversary event that brings a whole new level of fast-paced action to the game.

Defiance 2050 lets you take on the role of an Ark Hunter who must fight mutated thugs and aliens as you travel across a ruined Califonia wasteland. The game itself is a standard third-person shooter with a seamless, persistent MMO world. They did keep wit the original idea of players impacting the game and even without their show player choices still drive the story and future of the game.

An enemy known as the 99ers have raised from their mines and begun scavenging arkfalls for loot. Their leader has risen with them, and the even revolves around battling off this scavenging horde. Players that log in which the event is active can fight The Motherlode in an all-new Arkfall experience.

The event will end on July 29 and is offering “crazy good rewards and loot” to players who participate. If you require extra gear, the Ex Inanis will have everything you need to battle the 99ers. If you fight the enemies at Major Arkfalls and earn the Gulanite rewards, you can spend it on powerful gear, grenades, and shields to help you in battle.

New Mod Fusion weapons and mods are also available from the Ex Inanis vendors. You can get your hands on Precision Torment that will give you a faster reload and even more crit. The damage amplifies on every reload resulting in a bigger punch with each shot.

Players that log-in daily can complete Arkhunter Bounty daily and weekly contracts to get Paradise reputation. This reputation will give you access to an all-new prototype called The Professional which is fashioned after the personal rifle of the legendary Pale War sniper. You can purchase this weapon through the Paradise vendors and features an automatic reload on every three critical shots taken in quick succession.

For those wishing to join the battle and become an Arkhunter you can play this game for free on Xbox One, Steam, and PS4.