Deep Rock Galactic Is Once Again Free To Play On Steam This Weekend, With An Updated Roadmap

Deep Rock Galactic Is Once Again Free To Play On Steam This Weekend, With An Updated Roadmap
Credit: Ghost Ship Games via YouTube

I’m not even sure what it is, but I simply cannot stop going into missions and mining in Ghost Ship Games frontrunning title Deep Rock Galactic.  You play as dwarves hired to mine through treacherous locations, in search of precious metals and minerals for the glory of capitalism.  While down there, you’ll need to devise means to get to difficult to reach minerals, explore labyrinthian cave structures, and try not to die as hordes of bugs come and try to take a bite out of your magnificently bearded face.

It’s like a juxtaposition of Left 4 Dead with its swarms of enemies and then returns to an almost peaceful task of mining out precious metals.  There’s something about the entire experience that is addictive, and difficult to stop once you really get going.

Along with the gameplay are fantastic developers at Ghost Ship Games, that consistently attempt to bring the community into the fold of development, figuring out what to work on next.

To that end, they have once again updated their developmental roadmap, exploring what they want to hammer out before the game finally ships in the second quarter of 2020.  That’s only a few short months away, so the time to get going is now; worth noting prior, however, that Ghost Ships Games are planning on supporting the title well after launch.

Ghost Ship Games are looking forward to Update 29, which is currently slated for March.  In this update, players will be able to customize their pickaxe and see what items are by their icons, instead of generic ‘one size fits all’ icons that users currently have.  Along with a bit of weapon balancing based on most-used and least-used weapons from players, and a new tutorial experience, it seems that update 29 is more focused on polishing mechanics than adding new ones.

Update 30 is actually the planned launch of the title after two years in Early Access and will bring expanded soundtracks along with new promotion ranks that stretch well beyond the nine currently offered.  The developers at Ghost Ship Games thought nine would be more than enough to satisfy their fans, and it turns out they were wrong.

Beyond launch, the first thing Ghost Ship wants to look at is increasing the mission variety drastically, beyond the current ‘fix X minerals/items’ that is currently in the game.  The road map currently is not more descriptive than that.

Deep Rock Galactic currently sits at Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, with 96% of the 22,742 total reviews being positive.  Might as well take a few moments yourself and explore what all of the fuss is about.