Death Come True’s Last Character Revealed Is A Popular Late-Night News Anchor

Death Come True’s Last Character Revealed Is A Popular Late-Night News Anchor
Credit: Death Come True Website

Death Come True has announced its final character. The full-motion video title’s cast has now been revealed from Izanagi Games.

While most of the characters have been directly related to the plot, the newest cast member is reporting the story.

Death Come True takes place inside of a hotel. The protagonist, Makoto Karaki, played by Kanata Hongo, wakes up without his memories. Karaki learns from a tv news program that he’s wanted in a series of murders. Karaki develops the power to leap back in time every time he passes away. Each time he comes back to life, he learns about who he should trust and who’s the real criminal.

Players make decisions for Karaki throughout the story. Although this is an FMV title, there is a CG control panel the player can access throughout the game. Any decisions the player makes are acted out by the cast.

According to the Izanagi Games press release, “Jiro Sato will be acting the role of Kenichi Mino, a news anchor in Death Come True, the new FMV project from the Danganronpa series creator, Kazutaka Kodaka.”

Sato’s exact role is “A popular news anchor who is the host of a daily evening news program. His good character and carefree way of talking captivates the audience watching from home, but… it seems he has a reason to be visiting this hotel.”

Jiro Sato is a well-known actor in Japan who’s appeared in a variety of tv dramas, movies, games, and more. Sato was the motion actor for Debilitas in 2005’s Haunting Ground and as the Hotoke in the video game parody series The Hero Yoshihiko.

The seventh character, “Unknown” was also revealed on the official website. Unknown is a mysterious creature who follows Karaki throughout the game. Unknown carries various weapons, which likely leads to Karaki unleashing his “time skip” ability.

Also previously announced were Chiaki Kuriyama as Police Investigator Akane Sachimura, Win Morisaki as an additional Police Investigator named Nozomu Kuji, and Yuki Kaji as the emotionless “Hotel Concierge.”

Writing and Directing the game is Kazutaka Kodaka with Izanagi Games’ CEO Shinsuke Umeda as the Producer.

Death Come True is scheduled for release sometime in 2020. The title will be released on multiple platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and iOS/Android.