Deadly Woodland Creatures Are Saving The World In A New Multiplatform RPG: Biomutant

Deadly Woodland Creatures Are Saving The World In A New Multiplatform RPG: Biomutant
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Swedish game development studio, Experiment 101 is releasing a multiplatform action role-playing game that they’ve described as a “kung-fu-fable”. Biomutant is based in a post-apocalyptic world full of absolutely adorable and completely deadly woodland creatures.

The game is played in 3rd person with the main character being an angst-fueled raccoon. Players are allowed to design their own characters and choose their genetics in the game.

The game allows you to change the way you look and play as the main character, and different environmental factors play different roles in what abilities your character gains. Exposure to biocontamination in the world can lead to mutations and exposure to something such as radioactivity can cause a character to develop psi-mutations such as telekinesis.

Players can choose things like strength, agility, intellect, charisma, and vitality, as well as different robotic attachments and weaponry. The appearance of the character will adapt and adjust based on what genetic choices the player chooses. If desired later on in the game, the character can be entirely redesigned using earned skill points.

Biomutant transports us to a world in shambles. The Tree-of-Life is dying, bleeding from its roots, and a plague is taking over the land. Biomutant has branching storylines, meaning the outcome of the in-game world is almost entirely up to the player.

With a unique style of 3rd person combat that combines martial arts and shooting, the world is entirely in your hands to save or not. As the game progresses the main character will learn new forms of combat as they move forward and meet new masters.

There will be three different worlds of adorably brutal woodland creatures for you to explore in the game, including an entire solar system and an underworld. Biomutant has no shortage of in-game transportation. Your character will be able to travel in stylish ways such as hot-air balloon or UFO, or they could choose to stick to the timeless mode of transportation, feet.

Developer, Experiment 101 was founded by former Avalanche Studios creative director Stefan Ljungquist. In the past, Stefan has assisted in bringing to life games such as Drake of the 99 Dragons and Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi. In Biomutant it’s up to you to bring opposing tribes together to fight against the evil that’s destroying the Biomutant world. Biomutant is set to be released in 2019 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.