Dead Cells Has A Beefy New Update Out Now Called The Update Of Plenty

Dead Cells Has A Beefy New Update Out Now Called The Update Of Plenty
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

When it comes to roguelike action platformers with distinct visuals and addicting gameplay, Dead Cells usually ranks near the top. It has everything you want in this type of metroidvania genre.

From ever-changing obstacles to sprawling and detailed environments, Dead Cells has been a huge hit with gamers since 2017. It has also gotten better every year thanks to updates from the developer, Motion Twin.

They’re at it again with a pretty beefy one called Update of Plenty. It’s now out and adds a lot of noteworthy things. That includes adjustments to in-game economy, items, and weapons. There is thus plenty of new goodies and systems for new and returning players to look forward to.

The full patch notes have been provided by the developer, but let’s just highlight some of the most notable for the sake of saving time. First up is a change to the crossbows. They are now two-handed weapons. There is also a new backpack that players can use to store an additional one-handed weapon.

So if you run into situations where two-handed weapons are not advantageous in combat, you can quickly switch over and not have to sacrifice what you carry in your inventory. It’s a great improvement that should make players more willing to rely on two-handed weapons.

Another impactful adjustment deals with the in-game currency. Now finding gold is much easier and you also won’t have to spend as much when buying items from merchants. It’s definitely a welcomed change and should help players that have found themselves in difficult areas, where they need as many resources as they can afford.

The damage mutations have also been reworked. Now instead of being less helpful the further along you progress in Dead Cells, they will have a bonus percentage of damages. As a result, things like item level and item rarity will work better with particular mutations like support, combo, vengeance, and tainted flask.

That’s just a few upgrades that the developer has worked diligently on to make Dead Cells an even better experience. Again, the full patch notes are available if you want to see how much effort went into the Update of Plenty.

It’s definitely an appropriate name and is just another reason to check out Dead Cells if you haven’t yet already. The fast-tempo action will reel you in, but it’s the difficulty that will keep you coming back ready to get further through the ever-changing and well-designed castle.