Daily Magic Productions’s Witching Tower: Heroes Enters Steam Early Access

Daily Magic Productions’s Witching Tower: Heroes Enters Steam Early Access
Credit: Witching Hour via Steam

Publisher and developer Daily Magic Productions have released their action title Witching Tower: Heroes on Steam Early Access. The action title is a VR game and requires a headset to play.

Witching Tower: Heroes will also be available on PSVR, similar to the original Witching Tower game.

“You are a Defender from Citadel of Light, sent to a war-torn kingdom to deal with undead hordes from the Dark Tower. With four weapon types, each with a unique fighting style, you take on missions to cleanse the land from foul creatures. You will fight against undead nobles, soldiers, wardens, sorcerers and their hideous minions. Long dead, they will haunt you, attack you, fiddle with your plans and tactics; they will do everything they can to protect their Necromancer Queen.” states the official game summary.

Players can choose the fighting style of their choice, from melee, archery, firearms, or use a powerful drill. Magic is another option, as players can wield staffs with Fire and Light. Attacks can be done either up close or ranged.

The enemies offer some variety. Players will have to learn the skills of each enemy to utilize different attacks and strategies to win.

Daily Magic Productions added Witching Tower: Heroes to Early Access to get feedback from players to learn which mechanics work best and provides the most enjoyment. The core gameplay is ready to play now as the game is still under development.

The game is fully playable from start to finish. It contains three unique maps and four different types of weapons.

Witching Tower: Heroes is planned to stay in Early Access for 6-12 months. The full game will see a price increase at launch.

The full version will include PvP and 4-player co-op, plus more content overall. Players can expect more weapons, abilities, and maps.

Witching Tower: Heroes claims it is suitable for newcomers to VR, but it does contain violence and gore. Those unfamiliar with VR can customize the game to fit their playstyle as they learn how to use the new device and play the game.

Witching Tower VR was previously released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Players climb up each level to unravel the tower’s mysteries.

Witching Tower: Heroes is available on Steam Early Access now.