Daemon X Machina Shows A Slew Of Features As Well As A Fall Release Date

Daemon X Machina Shows A Slew Of Features As Well As A Fall Release Date
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Daemon X Machina is a name you might’ve heard some months ago. Previously revealed in Nintendo’s 2018 E3 presentation, it was given life on February 14, 2019 in the form of a demo: Daemon Z Machina: Prototype Missions, in which you were given a brief, if explosive, look at the game, and what it had to offer.

Since then, there was silence from the studio Marvelous. That is, until E3, 2019.

Marvelous seems to have been following a trend of listening to their fan base and adjusting their game according to community feedback. From the moment Daemon X Machina appeared on-screen, a following grew, mostly of fans of the Armored Core series, where the fast-paced mech combat takes many notable cues, in no small part to Kenichiro Tsukuda, the former producer of the series itself, working on the game.

What was shown at the 2019 E3 was a marked improvement from what was shown in the demo: more fluid and seamless combat, enemy fire indication, new weapons, armor, customization, color palettes, bosses, enemies, and more.

Daemon X Machina is also sticking to its promise of four-player online co-op, ensuring that friends will be able to tackle the fight in a group if they so choose. If you have no one available, fret not; you’re capable of adding CPU-controlled fighters to your roster for missions. If you have one friend with you, two CPU units can be added.

Also new to the game is something fans were wondering about, and had their curiosity promptly answered: a training room to test builds. Accessible from the Hangar (your hub between missions), you’ll be able to experiment with the drops you ripped off from enemies in battle, and tailor-make your Arsenal.

Customization continues to be a key factor in Daemon X Machina; in addition to outfitting your mech with gizmos, you’re able to add on attachments to your playable character, known as an Outer. This can do things such as increasing speed, jumping ability, weapon strength, etc. Necessary, as some missions will require you to trek somewhere on foot and you’ll appreciate the extra help.

Marvelous has heard the cries of the fans and listened intently, and with everything we’ve seen so far and what’s left to come, Daemon X Machina is shaping up to be the de facto mech game for the Switch. Time will tell if it soars to the top of the charts, or ends up in the scrap heap.

Daemon X Machina is due out September 13, 2019, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Until that time, stay and play savvy, gamers.