Cyberpunk 2077 Now Has Modding Support, Which Should Enhance Modding Possibilities

Cyberpunk 2077 Now Has Modding Support, Which Should Enhance Modding Possibilities
Credit: Cyberpunk 2077 via YouTube

It’s pretty evident the development for Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t go according to plan for CD Projekt Red. They were hoping to deliver a next-gen role-playing experience that hit all the right notes at launch.

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Unfortunately, they put the game out sooner than they should have as it pretty clear by all the bugs that have circulated the gaming community these last couple of months. Some of the glitches are downright shocking, making you wonder how they could have gotten past the developer in the first place.

It’s a new year and CD Projekt Red is looking to turn the page to something more positive for Cyberpunk 2077. They’re fresh off their major 1.1 patch, which has improved stability in a lot of ways.

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And now, modding support is officially available in the game for those that want to try their hand at changing major aspects in a novel way. Up to this point, modding has been a pretty important aspect of Cyberpunk 2077.

Despite it still having bugs, players have enjoyed a couple of noteworthy mods — such as the ability to fly up in the air like superman and the option to switch over to a third-person perspective. It gives you a totally different visual experience, especially when it comes to looking at character customizations. These mods showed what potential there is still with Cyberpunk 2077, even though it’s not the perfect RPG that many were hoping for at launch.

The mod support tools give users a lot of great things to work with as well. You can imagine there will be some talented individuals that take a stab at bringing their own visual and performance improvements to a game that is far from finished. There have already been some impressive mod updates thus far, which should continue throughout 2021.

It’s also worth noting these mod support tools will continue being updated by the developer as the game receives major updates as a well. Hopefully, the game continues to receive important improvements because there is plenty of room to grow in Cyberpunk 2077.

While you wait for major updates, you can visit the mod list every couple of weeks and see what’s new. That might be a reason to stick with the game as it continues to mature and hopefully reaches a state that it should have been at launch.

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Regardless of how you feel about the game’s launch, it’s good to see a high-caliber game like this getting improvements so that fans have something to look forward to.