Cyberpunk 2077 Celebrate International Women’s Day By Revealing Their Default Female Player Character

Cyberpunk 2077 Celebrate International Women’s Day By Revealing Their Default Female Player Character
Credit: CD Projekt Red

There are an incredible amount of iconic powerful female characters in the gaming world, and the number thankfully grows every year with dozens of new releases. Cyberpunk 2077 recently revealed their latest addition with the default female player character in their upcoming title.

Taking to Twitter, the Cyberpunk 2077 team tweeted a picture of their new female character, with the caption “Miss V, a pleasure… #InternationalWomensDay.” We’ve included the tweet just below this so you can enjoy the wonderful character art as well.

If you haven’t kept up with the title, you may be wondering how we can all be so confident this is the player’s default female character off of such a short tweet. The main character’s name is V, as we know from a decent bit of the promotion following the material. Even without the caption, Miss V has the same pose as the male protagonist, armed with the same firearm.

Within the responses to the tweet, some fans were stating that all the game needed now was a reversible cover art to show off the new character. In response, Cyberpunk’s team only responded “You’re looking at it :),” confirming that the art for the cover of the title would be reversible depending on the preference of the player.

It’s difficult to understate the massive amount of hype around this upcoming title. While it was unfortunately pushed back due to some snags in development over the last few years, it has repeatedly been at the forefront of the gaming community since its original E3 announcement.

Many in the gaming community will remember the conference that set the world on fire as Keanu Reeves was shown off in the game as Johnny Silverhand before the famous actor walked onto the stage himself to address the crowd. While that may have been a hype peak, the excitement around the title has done anything but slow down.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a bit of inherent interest around it due to being developed by CD Projekt Red, who also brought us the genre-defining RPG, The Witcher. The hype only grew around the entire studio with the recent release of the Netflix series based on the same books as the games.

With all eyes on CD Projekt Red to see how this title goes around launch, there’s as much faith in the title being good as there is hype. We still have a few months ahead of us before we can get our hands on the game, but there’s no slowing down the full-steam hype train that the gaming community has going now.