Crytek’s First-Person Shooter Hunt: Showdown Is Now Currently Free On The Steam Store

Crytek’s First-Person Shooter Hunt: Showdown Is Now Currently Free On The Steam Store
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’re a fan of the first-person shooter genre, then you’ll be happy to know that for a limited time, Hunt: Showdown is currently free on the Steam store. This is an incredible deal that should not be passed up.

Developed by Crytek, Hunt: Showdown is currently in Early Access. It will be completely free over the weekend, and if you like the game so much, you can get it for 20% off on Monday. So what is this game and what does it offer to fans of the FPS genre? Let’s find out.

The game has a lot of layers to it. You’re thrown into a swamp that’s infested with all sorts of monsters. They keep you on the edge of your seat. You’re tasked with tracking down one big monster in particular, and you have the option of having a friend join in on the hunt. It thus makes for some pretty good multiplayer experiences if you don’t like taking a solo approach to gaming.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, Hunt: Showdown makes you evade players while tracking down monsters. This just adds to the suspense and makes stealth an important tactic to master right out of the gate. It’s one of the more unique games on the market, especially in terms of the atmosphere and sounds it offers.

You’ll be hunting around one portion of the swamp and hear creepy sounds coming from looming predators. You don’t see what’s around you, but you know they’re fast-approaching. Quick-decision making is a must in this world if you hope to survive for long.

There’s no better way to play this game than with some headphones on. The sounds really immerse you in the environment, adding to the creep-factor.

Another shining aspect of this game is you’re not equipped with a lot of weapons or supplies. You thus have to rely on your instincts and develop some sort of strategy before the mission starts.

Since the game is in Early Access, there are just two monsters you can hunt. These include a giant spider and a butcher. Both put up a fight, but it’s trying to evade other players after making the kill is where the really challenge lies.

You have to be smart in your approach because otherwise, you’ll be picked off pretty quickly.

If you’re looking for a fun game to experience for a couple of hours this weekend, Hunt: Showdown is worth the download.