Construction Simulator 3 Is Now Available On All Major Consoles

Construction Simulator 3 Is Now Available On All Major Consoles
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Construction Simulator 3 has been an incredible representation of the construction industry as a whole. There are a wide variety of name-brand equipment you can use and realistic building principles to master. Now after having been on the app marketplace for roughly a year, it’s coming to consoles.

In fact, Construction Simulator 3 is now officially available for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You’ll get to use all sorts of vehicles and equipment in a European town. There are so many officially licensed vehicles just waiting to be operated, including Caterpillar, Case, Bobcat, and Palfinger.

You’ll start out low on the totem pole in the construction industry, with limited resources. However, as you progress in the game and complete more contracts, you’ll be able to expand your business. That’s where the fun really begins. You’ll acquire new vehicles and more advanced contracts that test your skills. A lot of planning and financial management are involved.

Another incredible aspect of Construction Simulator 3 Console Edition is its 10km map. Its an open sandbox full of construction activities. You’ll have access to three distinct districts, including a commercial sector for your company’s operations, an industrial site, and a modern town.

The developer Weltenbauer really took time getting these districts down and giving them each a unique identify. Between gigs, you’ll get to go through the different districts and explore for as long as you want. Moving through future work sites is important for assessing the scope of the project and determining what techniques will be required. It’s exactly like what happens around construction sites in real life.

The console edition is enhancing the app version in a lot of ways too. For instance, there is now a cockpit view that gives you a realistic perspective of being in the machinery you’re operating. You’ll feel like you’re on an actual work site and that just immerses you in this construction world all the more. It’s definitely an incredible experience sitting behind the wheel of a dozer about to push some dirt around a work site. This excitement will stay with you no matter what machines you’re using for a particular project.

There is also a lot of weight with each task, as you don’t want to mess up and then cost your construction company a lot of money unnecessarily. Even if you’ve never fantasized about working on a construction site, Construction Simulator 3 offers a lot of value and will make you appreciate all that goes into this industry.