Clayton “Captain Flowers” Raines Announces Absence From Upcoming LCS Casting Due To Oversleeping

Clayton “Captain Flowers” Raines Announces Absence From Upcoming LCS Casting Due To Oversleeping
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

We’ve all overslept a time or two in our life (a hundred or so times, in my own case,) and we’ve all had to deal with the consequences of doing so. CaptainFlowers, unfortunately, found himself dealing with such a situation earlier today as well.

CaptainFlowers announced that he’ll be absent from the This or That program’s upcoming episode after oversleeping and missing his call time. A further punishment of this transgression is that he’ll be missing from the upcoming LCS episode as well. He placed the fault fully in himself, blaming his mistake of streaming too late and not getting proper sleep.

“Today I streamed ’til way too early in the morning and didn’t wake up for my call time for This or That,” Raines states on his personal twitter. “This week’s episode doesn’t include me (clearly) and I won’t be on the LCS this week as an additional consequence. I apologize to y’all I’ve disappointed. I should be better.”

Raines stated that his decision to be so transparent with the reason for his absence was not wanting fans to worry that something had happened between him and Riot. He went further in-depth on his follow up in a Reddit comment, stating the following:

I made the tweet so people wouldn’t wonder where I was at when I didn’t show up on camera this week. Some people on Twitter seem to be mad at Riot and that’s just not the play here. There’s one singular person responsible: me.”

Raines also states his excitement and interest in Week 5 of the LCS and his great desire to return next week, promising to be “back next week like normal and I’ll be better.”

It’s hard to be upset at a guy for something as simple as oversleeping. Really, it’s one of the most human and harmless mistakes one could be, though the producers of the programs may disagree. While fans of League of Legends and Raines are quick to get upset at Riot for their decision, however, Raines also didn’t leave them much of a choice. Unfortunately, the workplace has rules, regardless of what that work might be.

The comments on social media seem to illustrate just how supportive everyone is of Raines, applauding his transparency and detailing their excitement to see him return in Week 5. If he can keep his alarm set to the right time, we’ll see him back in action in no time!