Classic UI Mod Now Available For Residential Evil 2 Remake

Classic UI Mod Now Available For Residential Evil 2 Remake
Credit: Instacodez

The remake of Resident Evil 2 has received rave reviews ever since it released earlier this year in January. This survival horror title takes what the original game did and improves upon it visually and mechanically. There are so many tense moments as gamers control Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield through a horde of zombies, puzzles, and of course, Mr. X.

Despite the remake’s great reception and amazing reviews, fans of the original have made great attempts to mod it in hopes of enjoying some nostalgic gaming moments. One of the more prominent mods, named Classic UI, has garnered a lot of buzz amongst the gaming community.

It reverses many developments of the new remake. One of these is the addition of a classic health bar. It looks nice in the new game and isn’t such a dramatic change that it interferes with the overall experience in any way. In addition to save files, the Classic UI mod enables players to see Claire and Leon portraits.

A classic inventory is also available, which is simple and quick to navigate through. Finally, the original logo and font will display on the title screen. These details are simple, but they truly give the remake a classic aesthetic that many wished was included when the game first came out.

The Classic UI mod is currently free to download for PS4 and Xbox One console owners. All in all, it’s a fun little update that doesn’t change too much of this remake’s controls. That option is available with other mods, giving players a fixed-camera angle. Honestly, it’s quite hard going back to once you’re used to the over-the-shoulder camera angles that most games have taken up in today’s modern era of gaming.

More and more mods will be made available by hardcore fans of the Resident Evil series within the upcoming months. It’s fun to see them in action. It goes to show what amazing developments can be made with a little inspiration and nostalgia involved.

The recent release of Resident Evil 2 is getting fans stoked about a potential remake of Resident Evil 3, featuring the one and only Nemesis. He’s one of the most iconic Residential Evil characters to date, and if the game does get remade, it will be fun to see what mods gamers will come up with next. There’s never been a better time to be a Resident Evil fan, quite honestly.