City Builder Cities: Skylines Has A New Expansion In The Works Titled Sunset Harbor

City Builder Cities: Skylines Has A New Expansion In The Works Titled Sunset Harbor
Credit: Cities: Skylines via YouTube

When Cities: Skylines updated their title on the Steam platform to include a new launcher, fans weren’t entirely pleased.  They took to Reddit and Twitter in a huff, annoyed that Paradox added a launcher screen on to yet another of their titles.  The launcher did relatively little aside from offering more advertising for Cities: Skylines already rather comprehensive DLC list that currently sums to $185, along with their YouTube channel.

On the back of that bizarre addition that literally no one asked for from the community came an announcement that was far more pleasant, for some: Cities: Skylines is getting another expansion to flesh out the city-building simulator, this time focusing on harbors and what they can offer in regards to trade and tourism.

Titled Sunset Harbor, it’s set to bring about another slew of mechanics to the game, much as previous expansions have done in the past.

A primary staple of the expansion is the fishing industry that begins at, and who would’ve guessed, the harbor.  Fishing boats will now head out into the bays to fill their boats with the days catch, to be loaded and transported to a new building, Fish Markets.

There is a slew of processing and transportation that you’ll need to consider as you build your city’s fishing industry to famous levels, but there’s a primary caveat that will affect your yields: water pollution.  A mechanic that can be difficult to manage as your city grows, with scrubbers necessary for cities that cross a certain threshold of water intake and waste, but it will directly affect the quantity of fish that your harbor can hold.  Cleaner water results in higher yields, which makes your fishing industry an even stronger contender on the market.

Along with the new fishing industry, there is also a slew of transportation methods that have been added to decongest a few of your highways, filled with citizens all using one lane.

Passenger helicopters allow citizens that suffer from affluenza to travel through the as-of-yet uncongested airways to reach their various destinations.  Intercity buses allow citizens traveling out of town to down so without needing to drive their vehicle, and trolleybuses allow for mainstream travel across populated areas of town.

The metro system itself is also getting a bit of an overhaul, allowing greater freedom of movement and placement offered to city-builders; stations can be placed above and below ground to allow you to maximize the playable field.  The expansion does not yet have a price tag on Steam, but empirical data tells us it will likely cost around $15.