Children Of Morta Is Joining Xbox Game Pass For The PC Sometime This Month

Children Of Morta Is Joining Xbox Game Pass For The PC Sometime This Month
Credit: 11 bit studios via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass for the PC has been a pretty successful platform overall. It’s a premium membership program that requires members to pay $14.99. Once you’re a subscriber, you instantly gain access to a huge library of games. There are a wide variety of genres and the games are changed out every month.

This month is shaping up to be great in terms of new offerings according to Microsoft. One of these latest additions is Children of Morta. It’s an action RPG with roguelike elements. It originally released last September and is from the people at Dead Mage.

It’s not often that an RPG like this comes around. The visuals instantly draw you into this fantasy world. The developer incorporated so many vibrant colors, from bright purples and to dark greens. There is always something striking to set your eyes upon as you venture through the environments and watch the story play out.

The combat features hack and slash action. Although this may seem like it would get repetitive, it really doesn’t. That’s because you’ll get to play as various members of the Bergson family. You have the ability to switch from member to member any time you want, which will depend on the situation at hand. In this way, Children of Morta has exceptionally re-playability.

There are a lot of dungeons you’ll be venturing through, whether it’s to find secrets or to take down evil threats. The entire time, your eyes are captivated by the beautiful atmosphere and fluid combat mechanics.

Even the story is amazing. It revolves around the aforementioned Bergsons. Normally, these sort of games have a light-hearted tone, but that’s not the case with this game. Rather, the developer sends you through the gamut of emotions. You really get attached to this family and the trials and tribulations they’re forced to endure. Love, hope, and despair are all feelings you’ll experience with this easy to love family. Each member deals with their own struggles, which you’ll have to help them sort through.

Dead Mage did wonderful work at making you care about the characters. They didn’t have to. Instead, they could have just focused mostly on the gameplay and the atmospheric experiences. And yet, they wanted to make Children or Morta as complete as possible. This decision really paid of.

If you’re a member of Xbox Game Pass for PC, this RPG is certainly worth your time.