Check Out This Clip Of Gunfight Mode For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare In 4K Glory

Check Out This Clip Of Gunfight Mode For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare In 4K Glory
Credit: InfinityWard via YouTube

Know what to expect in the Gunfight Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare as you watch this clip from YouTube.

In the game, Gunfight, a multiplayer mode is added. There are two teams with two operators each. You will find yourself on a small map and expect to have another team of enemies on the other side.

One of the challenges is that you can’t choose your weapons. That part is random as you load out the match. So each match will give you another weapon, and you have to make do with it.

The Gunfight mode is a winner-take-all multiplayer match. You can’t find any health anywhere on the map no matter how hard you look. You also can’t spawn after you are killed.

Once you are killed, you are out of the match.

The Gunfight is intended to be fast-paced. You only have about 40 seconds to kill an opponent before the rules will change. After 40 seconds and you see a flag at the center of the map, that means the objective has changed. Your team now has to defend that flag for three seconds in order to get a point.

There are two other ways to score a point during this point in the match. You need to kill the other team or if your team ends up with the most health after the round. The round, in this case, is when the timer expires.

In another round, you will find plenty of weapons distributed around the map. You can pick any of your weapons and use it to kill the enemy. You have to earn six points to win that round.

Accordingly, there would be a cross-play capability for the game between PC and console users. Activision said that this is meant to unite the whole community. That’s good news. The bad news is that the developer has nixed the Season Pass. This will supposedly allow the developer to release more content and maps to a large number of players.

Of course, aside from the multiplayer Gunfight mode, campaign missions will still feature. You can choose to be an operator, and missions will take you to different Middle Eastern and European Cities. But you also choose to be a freedom fighter who will take down the establishment.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot will be released on Oct. 25, 2019.